Pawa Bundles


Enjoy Kenya's Lowest Call Rates.Subscribe to Pawa Bundles.Dial *10# to subscribe.

Pawa 10
KES 10
  •  30 mins Telkom to Telkom calls
  •  50 MB WhatsApp Data
  •  24 hrs validity
Pawa 20
KES 20
  •  5 mins Any Network calls
  •  100 SMS (Across Network)
  •  100 MB Data
  •  24 Hrs validity
Pawa 20 Extra
KSh 20
  •  100 mins Telkom to Telkom calls
  •  100 SMS (Across Network)
  •  100 MB Data
  •  24 hrs validity
Pawa 50
KSh 50
  •  600 mins Telkom to Telkom calls
  •  200 SMS (Across Network)
  •  200 MB Data
  •  3 days validity


  • How do I buy the Pawa bundles?

    Dial *544#  to subscribe

  • How do I check my Pawa bundle balance?

    Dial *141# to check balance.

  • What benefits do I get when I subscribe to any of the Pawa bundles?

    Pawa 10 - valid for 24hrs

    • 30 On-net mins
    • 50MB WhatsApp

    Pawa 20 - valid for 24hrs

    • 5 Anynet mins
    • 100 MB data
    • 100 Anynet SMS

    Pawa 20 Extra - valid for 24hrs

    • 100 On-net mins
    • 100 MB data
    • 100 Anynet SMS

    Pawa 50 - valid for 3 days

    • 600 On-net mins
    • 200 MB data
    • 200 Anynet SMS
  • Can I buy more than one Pawa bundle before the validity period lapses?

    • Yes, you can subscribe to the same bundle, a lower or higher bundle before expiry of your existing bundle.
    • Once you subscribe to a new bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle, the new bundle balance will accumulate on existing balance.
  • What off-net rate do I enjoy when I subscribe to Pawa Bundles?

    The off net rate will be Ksh 3.5

  • What happens to my validity if I subscribe to a similar Pawa bundle before the expiry of my existing bundle?

    The validity of the bundle changes to that of the new subscription.

  •  What happens when I exhaust my Pawa Bundle before the expiry?

    You can purchase a new Pawa bundle.

  • Are the Pawa Bundles auto renewed?

    Yes you can select the auto renewal option for the bundle to auto renew.


  • How do I cancel my auto renewal?

    You can cancel the auto renew by dialing *544#.

  • Can I use the Pawa bundles with other offers?

    Yes you can subscribe to multiple offers

  • What happens when the Pawa Bundle expires before exhausting the minutes, SMS & data within the bundle?

    Any unutilized minutes, SMS & data will be forfeited once the bundle expires.

  • Do I earn Ziada points when I buy the Pawa Bundle?

    Yes you earn ziada points on the cost of the bundle.

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