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Our IP VPN is our flagship IP-based product in the Data and IP portfolio.  

This is our flagship IP-based product in the Data and IP portfolio.

It is a service that links many different organizations together, either in a vertical sector or an enterprise environment. It provides managed, secure and reliable connectivity between multiple routers, in any-to-any environment, that leverage MPLS switching.


Currently, all prices are project based depending on the complexity of the solution.

Customer qualification

Our IP VPN are more flexible and scalable than traditional data network services.

If connected you enjoy:

  • Quality and secure transport for business critical applications
  • Application awareness to allow for bandwidth optimisation while preserving critical applications
  • Multimedia capability, including Voice or Video over IP
  • Scalability, to ensure corporate growth in bandwidth and geographic coverage
  • Flexible selection with traffic prioritisation of your router to our fully managed service
  • Any-to-any connectivity to provide simpler network configurations over hub and spoke networks
  • SLAs with network reporting to ensure that your network is performing according to requirements
  • Value-added services such as integrated Internet access and network-based Internet gateway, Modular VPNs, access to Extranet value added services, security solutions, consultancy and integration services
  • Remote access capability for mobile workers


Our MPLS-based VPN network is available in 140 countries and is future-enabled to incorporate innovative technological advances.

Our wide selection of service allows you to manage your own MPLS network over our backbone, enjoy exclusive built-in access to all our value-added services including Extranet, and have inter-site connectivity using a single physical connection.

We offer high return on investment and reduced costs with a VPN extension over the Internet to reach non-critical customer sites as well as business partner sites. Our affordable prices are solely based on IP bandwidth, type of service and the international/domestic profile of your site. 

Our dedicated teams offer security-focused layer 2 VPNs, such as FR and ATM services.You can also access optional services such as managed IPSec VPNs, security consultancy, managed firewalls and more.

We provide a reliable, redundant, and high-performance IP transport service, global management of the nodes and routers installed on premises. Our global reach and multi-language support enable us to offer products, services, customer service, contracts, billing, and account teams without the need for partnerships and alliances.

We offerApplication Performance Analysis designed to help companies understand network traffic flows and profiles, ensure bandwidth is not under or oversubscribed, and understand how applications impact networks.

We offer a full range of options to provide secure Internet access to VPN users from integrated internet access with on-site firewall to network-based solutions.

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