SKYNET is a bundled data product that transmits through VSAT hence available even in areas where infrastructure lacks; anywhere and everywhere.

SKYNET transmission is through a band that allows:

  • High data throughput
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Small and easy to install dishes

Documents Required for a successful Application

  • PIN certificate number 
  • Certificate of  Incorporation/Registration of the company
  • latest utility bill (water or electricity)
  • passport/ ID number of the signatory


  • What is Skynet?

    • Skynet is a data product for areas where TKL doesn’t have infrastructure. 
    • Skynet’s mode of transmission is through satellite hence we can connect anywhere and everywhere.
    • Skynet transmission is through Ka band allowing
      - High data throughput
      - iCost effectiveness
      - Small and easy to install dishes
  • What is the key differentiator in the packages?

    The key differentiator is the allocated data per package. The packages start at Skynet 20 which offers 20 GB all the way to Skynet 50 which offers 50 GB. The speeds remain constant across all packages.

  • What if a customer exhausts their data allocation

    Their speeds are throttled to lower speeds. They however have an option to purchase volume boosters that go for KSh 1,440 per GB

  • What does the OTC cover?

    The OTC covers the dish, cabling, a router and installation. After paying the OTC, the customer may need to purchase their own router for internal use depending on how they intend to use the link.

  • Why is there a difference in OTC?

    There are two types of satellite terminals that cover Kenya. 98cm and 74 cm. The 74 Cm covers over 80% of Kenya and the 98 cm the other 20%. A desktop survey determines the terminal to be used.

  • How long does it take to receive service upon successful application?

    Upon successful application, it takes 4 -7 days. The long provisioning time is because most of the areas where we connect Skynet are remote and travelling may increase the time to get there.

  • In case of any issue with the connection, what should be done?

    Call Customer care on 200 or 0204600200

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