Telkom Fixed Prepaid Bundle
  • Telkom Fixed bundle gives Telkom Fixed customers an offer to make calls and browse the net at only Ksh. 1/- per minute upon purchase of a 2,000 minutes bundle at Ksh. 2,000/- only.
  • This bundle only applies to calls from Telkom Fixed lines to other Telkom Fixed or Orange Fixed Plus numbers.
  • Calls will be billed per second.
  • Only 1 bundle is allowed during the 30 day bundle validity period. A second bundle can be
    purchased within the 30 days but will only be activated upon expiry of the previous bundle.
  • Internet is 9444 dial-up
  • The offer will only apply to individual accounts.
  • To make calls to orange mobile, offnet and international calls, additional airtime will be required in the main account as the charges will not be deducted from the bundle minutes.
  • The Offer is valid until 31st December 2009.

Option 1: A customer will buy Ksh. 2,000/- or more worth of airtime from on Orange Shop, Partner outlet, kiosk, or Direct Sales Agent (e-jaze) and loads this into his pre-paid fixed line at home by dialing 0845. Once he loads this airtime, the customer will then follow the voice prompt to the bundle buying option.

Option 2: A customer walks into an Orange Shop and pays for Ksh. 2,000/- airtime and asks for the bundle to be activated on his line.


Destination Within bundle minutes/Validity Period Outside bundle minutes but within the 30day bundle validity period
Fixed and Orange Fixed Plus Ksh. 1/- Ksh. 7/-
Orange Mobile Ksh. 3/- Ksh. 7/-
Local off-net and LLO Ksh. 14/- Ksh. 14/-
9444 dial-up internet Ksh. 1/- Standard tariffs
International Standard tariffs Standard tariffs
  • There will be no roll over of unutilized minutes after the 30 day bundle validity period. Bundle validity period is 30 days from the exact date and time the customer buys a bundle.
  • Once a customer exhausts his 2,000 minutes before the 30 days are over, he will move to the highlighted tariff plan until the bundle validity period of 30 days expires.
  • Only 1 bundle is allowed during the 30 day bundle validity period. A second bundle can be purchased to be activated after the previous bundle validity expires.
  • Internet is 9444 dial-up
  • Only 10,000 bundles will be available until December 31st 2009.

  • Peace of mind for customers as they can be reached easily by those at home within the bundle minutes. In addition, they can reach those at home easily especially for those with children.
  • An affordable monthly bundle at a price you can budget for your calls and internet access.
  • Parental control where children no longer have access to some of the inappropriate material they have access to off the internet on their mobile phones.
  • No limitation on how to consume the bundle minutes. The customer has the option to consume minutes on either voice calls or internet use.
  • No additional equipment required.
  • This product is useful for small home based businesses.