Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS service is a simple, effective way to send messages to multiple recipients simultaneously.

Bulk SMS is ideal for:

Corporates & SMEs, Political base, Commercial institutions, Clubs and club members, SACCOS & Chamas, Schools/colleges, Research firms, Freelance marketers, Government institutions, Banks etc.


Offer Bands (Units)Counter Rate per unit (KSh)Offer Price
25,000 On-Net0.6015,000 (60 days validity)
50,000 On-Net0.5050,000 (60 days validity)
200,000 On-Net0.4080,000 (60 days validity)
1,000,000 On-net0.25250,000 (60 days validity)
5,000,000 On-Net0.15750,000 (90 days validity)
25,000 Cross-Net0.7017,500 (60 days validity)
50,000 Cross-Net0.6030,000 (60 days validity)
200,000 Cross-Net0.50100,000 (60 days validity)
1,000,000 Cross-Net0.40400,000 (60 days validity)
5,000,000 Cross-Net0.201,000,000 (90 days validity)


Speed: Timely communication to clients

Bundle flexibility: Affordable bundles based on customers’ needs and frequency of the messages

Highly targeted: Permission based

Self operation & management

Masking option

Short code allocation: Depends on terms of contract

Allows for simultaneous or phased sending

Low cost and high ROI


  • What is TELKOM Bulk SMS?

    Telkom Bulk Sms is a platform for sending multiple SMS to multiple phones faster and easier.

  • What are the Benefits of TELKOM BULK SMS?

    • Supports Alpha numeric
    • Usage alerts
    • Instant delivery
    • Self-operation
    • Flexible SMS bundles
    • No access fees or hidden setup costs
  • What are the payment options available for this service?

    It’s a prepaid payment plan.

  • Are there any other costs involved when using Bulk SMS?

    No. Bulk SMS operates on a prepaid basis. You simply purchase SMS bundles and use them as and when you need to. There is no monthly fee, no set up fee, and no contract fee involved when using our SMS service.

  • Where can I pay for this service?

    Payments can be done at the nearest Telkom shop

  • Who can subscribe to the Bulk SMS service?

    • SMS Resellers
    • Institutions (Government, Churches, Educational, Financial)
    • Businesses
  • How can I get the service?

    • Apply at
    • Download, Sign and Return your contract to any Telkom shop or Head Office at Telkom Plaza Ralph Bunche Rd to the attention of MARKETING DEPARTMENT
    • Once approved then a confirmation email with login credentials to order will be shared
    • Place your order on the portal
    • Receive Order confirmation and invoice via email
    • Make your payments at any Telkom shop or through the Telkom bank account as per invoice
    • Receive email confirmation with Portal link to allow the use of the BULK SMS
    • Begin to use the BULK SMS service
    • View Reports
  • Can I send messages to multiple users at the same time?

    Yes. The Bulk SMS portal allows you to load a file with the recipients numbers

  • Who do I contact for queries relating to my account?

    Our contact email address is mvas@telkom.co.ke

  • What numbers can I send bulk SMS to on the prepaid plan?

    SMS can be sent out to any number on any Kenyan network.

  • Can I send Bulk SMS to international numbers or short code or roaming numbers?


  • Can I brand/mask my messages using an alphanumeric tag?

    Yes. All the messages will be masked as per customer requirement. For example the message will read Business A instead of a number 1234

  • Can I use Telkom Kenya SMS gateway with my own SMS application?


  • What is the minimum order quantity?

    The smallest SMS package is KES 15,000

  • How many characters can I send in one SMS?

    A maximum of 160 characters (spaces included) per SMS.

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