International Bundles

Calling America, Canada and China often? Keeping in touch with loved ones in America, United Kingdom Fixed, India, China and Canada is now economical.

Call these 5 destinations for as low as Ksh 1.99 per minute


Bundle Price
KSh 99
  • 30 Mins
Bundle Price
KSh 199
  • 60 Mins
Bundle Price
KSh 499
  • 180 Mins
Bundle Price
KSh 999
  • 500 Mins

Prepaid customers will subscribe to the bundles by dialing *123#.
All bundles have a validity of 30 days.
Any unused minutes will not roll over after the expiry date.


  •  How do I subscribe to the International bundle? 

    Simply dial *123# select 3 (Voice and SMS) then 3 (International bundles). Select the bundle that suits your need and confirm purchase.

  • How can I check my International bundle balance? 

    Dial *131#  to check balance.

  • How long do I have to use my  International bundles? 

    The bundle is valid for 30 days from the time of subscription.

  • How many countries can I call with my International bundles?

    You can make calls to  India, USA, UK Fixed, China & Canada.

  • Can I buy a new international bundle before I utilize all the minutes on my international bundle? 

    Yes you can, if a new bundle is purchased before the expiry of your existing bundle, the unused minutes of your existing bundle will be added to the minutes of your new bundle.

  • What if I exhaust my International bundles before the 30 days ?

    You can purchase another bundle, if not further international calls from that point  will be charged at the PAYG rate.

  • Is the international bundle auto renewed? 

    No. This bundle  won’t be auto renewed after 30 days. The customer has to subscribe by dialing #123#.

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