PEWA Emergency Airtime

PEWA is an advanced airtime service that offers airtime when you run out.


PEWA is available to eligible Telkom prepaid subscribers by dialing *133#

PEWA service fee is 10% immediate interest of PEWA borrow


PEWA provides airtime on loan

PEWA facilitates airtime access when there is no shop nearby

PEWA is convenient and easy to use


  • How do I access PEWA service?

    Dial *133#

  • How do I know my PEWA balance?

    Dial *131#

  • What happens when I don’t exhaust my PEWA within the validity period?

    The PEWA credit rolls over like normal airtime

  • How much can I borrow?

    You can borrow PEWA 20 and PEWA 50

  • Are there service charges for PEWA?

    Yes, you will be charged an advance fee of 10% on each request. This means that you will receive the requested Credit Advance less 10%. e.g.  If you request for PEWA 50,  you will receive Ksh 45 credited to your main account. 10% (Ksh 5) is immediately deducted. Subscriber will now top up and only pay Ksh 50

  • Can I request for PEWA in the middle of a call?

    Yes, when you are making a call and realise you are running out of credit, you can hold the hold and request for PEWA then continue your call

  • Is it possible to Pasha (transfer Credit) PEWA (emergency credit) balance to a friend?


  • Is it possible to Pasha (transfer Credit) PEWA (emergency credit) balance to a friend?

    After 2 months active with at least Ksh 50 spend.

  • Can one check their PEWA balance via SMS?

    Yes, by sending ‘131’ to ‘131’

  • Can one get PEWA when you already have an active voice bundle but no balance in the main account e.g. Holla subscription?

    Yes, as long as your main account balance does not exceed Ksh 5


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