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Ka Mzito

Mzito Bundle

  • Only customers that subscribe to Mzito Bundle from 12th Dec will be able to enjoy Free Data.
  • Customers with existing 7GB bundle will not enjoy the Free Nights.
  • Free Data has a Fair Usage Policy of 10GB every day.
  • Free Data can only be used between 12AM and 6AM.
  • Free Data of 10GB will be reset every day at 12AM.
  • Free Data is available as long as a customer has a valid bundle.
Mzito Bundle
Kshs 999
  • Data Allocation: 7GB (30 Days Validity)

  • Minutes Allocation: 300 Any net Minutes

  • FREE Nights Allocation: 10GB Data For use between 12AM and 6AM


  • How do I subscribe to Browse More Talk More bundle?

    •By dialing *544#

  • What is the validity of the bundle?

    •The bundle is valid for 30 days.

  • What other benefits do I get with the bundle?

    Free Data between 12AM to 6AM

  • Do you have Fair Usage Balance for Free Data?

    10GB  Daily allocation for for use between  12AM to 6AM

    The 10GB is reset every day at 12AM

    Free Data is available as long as one has valid 7GB bundle.

  • How do I check bundle balance?

    By dialing *144#

  • Can I buy more than one bundle before the existing bundle expires?

    Yes, you can subscribe to 7GB & 300 Any Net bundle before expiry. The data and Any net minutes will accumulate but the daily allocation for Free Data will be 10GB.

  • What happens when my data balance is at 0MB?

    Data will be at pay as you go (PAYG) rate of 4/- per MB.

  • What happens when my Bundle expires before exhausting the data allocation?

    Any unutilized data bundle will be forfeited?

  • Do I earn Ziada points when I buy Bundles?

    Yes you earn ziada points on the cost of the bundle.