Position:                 Regional Security Coordinator- Nairobi

Region:                     Nairobi

Reporting to:         Head of Security

Band:                         1

Department:          Administration & Compliance/Security


Role Purpose: 

To  ensure  the  security  of   TKL staff, assets  and  installations in the regions  by  implementing  laid  down Security  procedures ,  policies , guidelines while using  electronic security Surveillance  and by  co-ordinating  the  third party  security  service  providers. Subsequently, reporting all security breaches to the Head of Security.

Key Duties and Responsibilities

  • Supervise contracted security  guards in the respective region   to  ensure   they  perform  to  required TKL standards
  • Control  Access  :  Vetting,  logging  and  disposal   of  all visitors  to  the site  hence  ensuring  that  only  authorized  personnel access the  site. Hold  keys  to all  offices  within site and ensure they are locked after business hours
  • Ensure consistent electronic   Security  surveillance ( CCTV) of site  to detect and  deter  pilferage or external intrusion though perimeter walls
  • Monitor and respond  to  intruder alarms or fire alarms/  incidents and investigate cause   to  ensure  that  property  is  not  lost  or  destroyed
  • Enforcement  of  security  procedures  e.g. searches   hence prevention  of theft  and pilferage
  • Inducting  and    on-the  job  training  of  contracted  security  staff  to  ensure  that  they  maintain a  high  level  of  Security  standard
  • Security  education  of  staff  within  the  site  to  develop  an  awareness and hence  improve compliance  that  would  assist  secure  the  site  proactively  rather  than reactively.
  • Review  and oversee  accuracy  and quality of all security  records  maintained by third party security guards
  • Constantly check all regional sites (technical sites, shops, plots, offices) in order to enhance and prevent encroachment.
  • Provide regular activity and security reports together for enhancement of security 

Academic/ Professional Qualifications

  • Relevant university degree  with minimum 3-5 years’ work  experience in a similar role

Professional Knowledge

  • Local   site   security   standard operating procedures.
  • Emergency  evacuation knowledge ( fire fighting, first aid)
  • Knowledge of basic investigation principles.
  • Access  control and  personal  Security  principles
  • Knowledge on manned and electronic surveillance   processes.

Professional Skills:

  • Organizational awareness
  • Team-work and cooperation
  • Analytical thinking & problem solving
  • Able to provide detailed audit reports, with relevant required preventive and corrective measures
  • Good planning and organization skills
  • Willingness to travel

This position is open to Kenyan citizens only. If you fit the required profile, please apply highlighting how your qualifications, experience and career aspirations match the requirements for this position.

Application should be sent by latest  3rd  October 2017 , please provide an updated Curriculum Vitae (CV) including details of your current telephone contacts and names of three referees. Apply through recruitment@telkom.co.ke and ensure the job title is quoted on the subject field. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.