• This is a 5GB data bundle allocation available for use between 10pm and 6am every day.
  • This bundle will be charged at Ksh50 daily.
  • Customer can purchase the bundle more than once.
  • The 5GB data will be available on a use it or lose it basis.
  • The data bundle cannot roll over.
  • The data bundle cannot be used outside the 10pm-6am time frame.
  • The data offer is available to all prepaid GSM customers on the Tujuane profile.
  • Customer can subscribe to the offer by dialing *544#,recharge portal www.myaccount.telkom.co.ke and mytelkom app.


1.How to subscribe;

You can subscribe to the #StayWoke data bundle using any of the following options;

  • Dial *544# from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Go to ‘My Telkom” app and select the #StayWoke data bundle to subscribe.
  • Go to ‘www.myaccount.telkom.co.ke’ on your browser.


2.Data bundle features;

  • The data bundle allocation is 5GB.
  • Data bundle will be available for use between 10pm to 6am.
  • Customer can subscribe at any time of the day but will only be able to use the data between 10pm-6am.
  • Customer can subscribe more than once.


3.Pay As You Go Rates

If the customer runs out of #StayWoke data bundle allocation, he will access data at a out of bundle rate of Ksh 4.30 per MB.



  • What is this #StayWoke data bundle?

    It is a data offer where customers are able to buy 5GB data for KSh50 for use between 10pm to 6am.

  • How do I purchase the #StayWoke data bundle?

  • What happens if I buy the data bundle outside the 10pm-6am time frame?

    You will be awarded the 5GB data but will only be able to use it between 12am-6am.

  • Can I buy the #StayWoke bundle more than once?

    Yes you can buy more than once e.g. if you make two subscriptions you get 10GB of #StayWoke data bundle.

  • If I don’t finish my #StayWoke bundle by 6am,will I be able to continue using it the next day?

    The offer is available on a use it or lose it basis.

  • Can I extend the validity of #StayWoke data?

    No, once the data bundle expires the benefits are lost.

  • Do I earn Ziada points when I use the #StayWoke data?

    Yes, you earn Ziada points upon purchase and use of the Night Owl data.

  • Can I be able to enjoy the #StayWoke offer if I have a Post Paid line?

    No, this offer is only available on Prepaid.

  • If I don’t finish my #StayWoke bundle, can I transfer it to another number?

    No, the data is not transferrable.

  • How do I check my data balance?

    By dialing *131#

  • If I subscribe to the #StayWoke bundle, can I subscribe to other data bundles?

    Yes, you can still subscribe to other data bundles in addition to the Night Owl data bundle.

  • What happens if i exhaust my #StayWoke data bundle?

    • If you exhaust your bundle, your data consumption will be from the other bundles that you may have subscribed to.
    • In case you do not have the other data bundles, your consumption will be on Pay As You Go basis from the main account.
    • If you exhaust this as well you will be directed to the recharge portal to top up your account.