The Carrier Services function sits within the Digital Service Delivery Unit. It offers innovative solutions coupled with expertise, a high level of service management and global reach on an expansive and reliable network. Through our superior infrastructure and global partnerships, we are able to offer highly competitive rates for our services. We have extensive experience in the provision of end-to-end, wholesale and carrier services across Kenya, throughout Africa and globally. 

Who we serve?

Our clientele ranges from Global Carriers, Mobile Network Operators, ISP’s, Global Integration Companies and OTT’s. Over the years, we have matured within the industry to become a market leader in carrier service provisions. Through our resources and partnerships, we provide reliable service offerings to our clients and have positioned ourselves as the regional carrier of choice.


What can we do for you?

We offer services that meet our customers' needs; whether they require turnkey solutions or a fully customized approach for voice, mobile, internet and bandwidth. Telkom Kenya knows exactly how to support telecommunications and internet service provision. This allows our customers to concentrate on providing their own customers with the solutions they are looking for.


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Voice Solutions

Voice Solutions

We offer a full range of routing and termination solutions for international voice traffic to enable you to respond to growing demands and heavier traffic.

Data Solutions

Data Solutions

Based on our global seamless network backbone, our offering includes a wide range of connection options through proprietary PoPs, internet exchanges, and local loops, as well as satellite and submarine transmission facilities.



Telkom provides indoor hosting services for customers willing to house their IP or Transmission equipments in highly secure locations. We offer indoor space, power and network capabilities dedicated to carriers.

Sub marine Cable Activity

Submarine Cable Activity

Our connectivity and partnership with the sub-sea cables guarantees seamless onward connectivity to international destinations, as well as creating redundancy and restoration which in turn offers secure and uninterrupted service.



Telkom Kenya Limited was Kenya’s first telecommunications provider in Kenya, and was from inception, a government owned company.

Global & Local Network

Our expertise and state-of-the-art seamless backbone network enables us to respond safely and reliably to all your challenges.

Contact Us

Email: cssales@telkom.co.ke

Contact Number: 020 4600200(Calls from other Networks)

Contact Number: 0800 200 000(Calls from other Landlines)