Freedom Bundles

Be Free with the only Data Bundle that gives you FREE Whatsapp and FREE Calls  Dial *544# to experience Freedom Today!

To subscribe to Freedom bundles dial *544#. Freedom bundles customer will get the following benefits.

  • Data allocation
  • Free Telkom calls - daily allocation of 60 minutes.
  • Free WhatsApp  - Daily allocation of 50MB
  • Off net rate at Ksh 3.30
  • SMS will be at Ksh 1.10
Freedom Daily Bundles
  • KSH 10 - Daily 70MB
  • KSH 20 - Daily 200MB
  • KSH 50 - Daily 700MB
  • KSH 60 - Daily 700MB + 700MB Night bundle
  • KSH 100 - Daily 2GB + 2GB Night bundle
  • KSH 50 -  5GB (10 pm - 6am)


NB: Free Whatsapp only available for Daily 200MB, Daily 700MB and Daily 2GB bundles.


Free Telkom Calls only available for Daily 700MB and Daily 2GB Bundle


Freedom Weekly Bundle
  • KSH 50 - Weekly 350MB
  • KSH 100 - Weekly 750MB
  • KSH 250 - Weekly 2.5GB
  • NB:  Free Whatsapp on all Weekly bundles


Freedom Monthly Bundles
  • KSH 250 - 2GB
  • KSH 500 - 5GB 
  • KSH 1,000 - 12GB 
  • KSH 1,000 - 30GB(1 GB Daily)
  • KSH 2,000 - 30GB
  • KSH 3,000 - 50GB 
  • Free Whatsapp on all bundles apart from 30GB(1GB Daily)
  • NB: No Free Telkom Calls

To enjoy FREE Telkom calls and Free WhatsApp, you must have a valid Freedom bundle. 

* Free whatsapp is 50MB Daily till end of validity of the bundle



  • How do I subscribe to Bundles?

    By dialing *544#

  • What is the validity of Telkom Data Bundles?

    • Daily bundles are valid for 24hrs
    • Weekly bundles are valid for 7 Days
    • Monthly bundles are valid for 30 days
  • What other benefits do I get with Freedom Bundles?

    • Telkom Calls with a Daily allocation of 60 minutes
    • Whatsapp with a Daily allocation of 50MB
  • How do I check Bundle balance?

    By dialing *131#

  • Can I buy more than one bundle before the existing bundle expires?

    • Yes, you can subscribe to the same bundle, a lower or higher bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle.
    • Once you subscribe to a new bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle, the new data bundle balance will accumulate onto the existing balance.
    • Once you subscribe to any weekly or monthly bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle, the new data bundle balance will accumulate onto the existing data balance.
  • What happens when my data balance is at 0MB?

    • Data will be at pay as you go (PAYG) rate of 4.30/- per MB.
  • What happens when my bundle expires before exhausting the data allocation?

    Any unutilized data bundle will be forfeited

  • Do I earn Ziada points when I buy bundles?

    Yes you earn ziada points on the cost of the bundle.