Global MPLS

If you need to connect five or more offices, or enable multiple home or field workers to access your systems via a secure link located in various geographical locations, then Telkom’s Global MPLS is your answer.



Cost efficiency: we handle WAN routing making deployment operationally simpler for you than managing a large routed network resulting in reduced staff costs.

Scalability: Through scalable cost-effective IP infrastructure across the Global footprint and multiple undersea cable investments.

Reliability: End-to-end service level agreements with delivery guarantees on installation times and availability

Security: The GMPLS network is a secure, private and dedicated connection which protects mission critical data traffic

Network Support: Network performance Is monitored real time with around the clock world class support services from our Enterprise Technical Support Team

Flexibility: The GMPLS network offers 5 classes of service which allows customers to prioritize their traffic according to their business requirements

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Contact Number: 0800 200 000(Calls from other Landlines)