Omoka Vinoma

In partnership with Standard Chartered Bank, Showmax, and Bolt we bring you Omoka Vinoma, a bundle tailored for the digitally inclined, cost and value conscious consumer searching for the next best competitive proposition. Telkom pre-paid subscribers that buy 30GB of Mobile Data will get; .

  • 100% cashback on bank account charges for 3 months from Standard Chartered Bank
  • 30 days ShowMax Pro mobile subscription
  • 4 free rides a month with a value of up to KSH 260 each from taxi-hailing app, Bolt.
Bundle NameCost
30GB Data + Showmax Pro Mobile Subscription + Free Bank Account + 4 Free Bolt rides for up to KSH 260 eachKsh 1200

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do I subscribe to the bundles?

    By dialling*544*0#.

  • 2. What is the validity of the data bundles?

    The bundle, showmax subscription and bolt rides are valid for 30 days

  • 3. What other benefits do I get with the bundles?

    For Kes 1,200, you will get:

    • 30GB of Showmax data a month – 1GB a day
    • A free Showmax subscription
    • A Standard Chartered account, with the first 3 months of charges waived
    • 4 free Bolt ride vouchers after opening the account, each ride valued at Kes 260
  • 4. How do I check the bundle balance?

    By dialling *131#.

  • 5. Can I buy more than one bundle before the existing bundle expires?

    Yes. You can buy multiple bundles.

  • 6. What is the validity of the Bolt vouchers?

    Each voucher is valid for 30 days from the time you buy bundle.

  • 7. What happens when my bundle expires before exhausting the data allocation?

    Any unutilized data will be forfeited.

  • 8. Do I earn Ziada points when I buy bundles?

    Yes, you will earn Ziada points on the cost of the bundle.

  • 9. How long is the Omoka Vinoma offer valid?

    The offer is valid for a period of 3 months. After which the normal charges on the SCB account, Showmax, Bolt and Telkom bundle plans will also expire and revert to their normal pricing.

  • 10. How will I get free access to Showmax pro?

    Once you purchase the bundle you will immediately receive a voucher code via SMS from Telkom Kenya. You will need to download the Showmax mobile pro app and key in the code to enjoy the Showmax offer.

  • 11. How will I get the Bolt free rides?

    • To get the Bolt free rides, you will need to purchase the bundle and open an account with Standard Chartered Bank.
    • You will receive your free Bolt rides voucher codes via SMS from Telkom Kenya within 24 hours of opening the account.
    • To open the account with SCB, simply download the SCB Kenya app from playstore or apple store and get started. It should take you 15 min to open the account
  • 12. What if I buy the bundle but don’t open an account with SCB?

    If you purchase the bundle but do not open an account with SCB, you will unfortunately not qualify for the free Bolt rides

  • 13. What if I already have an account with SCB?

    You can still purchase the bundle, where you will get access to the Showmax pro and Bolt rides offer.

  • 14. What does 100% cashback on banking mean?

    This means that you will receive 100% cashback on the following A/C charges. 

    • Monthly Maintenance charges
    • Minimum Balance fee charges
    • Internal Transfers charges
    • POS charges
    • SCB ATM charges

     The following external charges will still apply

    • Mobile Network Operator mobile money related charges
    • Pesalink transfer related charges
    • Correspondent Bank related charges for swift transfers
    • International cheque processing charges
  • 15. When will I get my cashback? How will I know the bank has credited me with it?

    You will receive your cashback by the 5th of the subsequent month. You will receive a notification SMS from the bank with the narration TELKOM BUNDLE A/C CHARGES CASHBACK.

  • 16. How do I use my Bolt ride voucher codes?

    To use the Bolt rides, simply download the Bolt app and register. On your next Bolt ride, all you need to do is apply the Bolt voucher code to apply to that ride.

  • 17. The Bolt voucher codes will be valid for 30 days. After 30 days, the codes will expire.

    The Bolt voucher codes will be valid for 30 days. After 30 days, the codes will expire.

  • 18. How do I purchase the bundle the following month?

    • You may purchase the bundle from Telkom Kenya platform through the USSD code *544#
    • Subsequent months will not require you to open an SCB account. 
    • You will immediately get your data plan, access to Showmax pro and bolt rides with 24 hours of bundle purchase.
  • 19. What if I don’t receive my Showmax or Bolt vouchers?

    If you do not receive your Showmax voucher (immediately after data purchase) or Bolt voucher codes (24 hours after data plan purchase), please contact Telkom customer care centre on 100 from your Telkom number or 020 222 1000 or send an email to 

  • 20. What if I am unable to complete the account opening process with Standard Chartered Bank?

    • If you are unable to complete the account opening process, you will receive a call from Standard Chartered representative within 15min of trying to open the account. 
    • The bank representative will help you open the account. 
    • However, you may also contact SCB 24-hour Client Centre at +254 20 329 3900 or +254 703 093 900 and one of the representatives will help you open the account

Terms and Conditions

Omoka Vinoma Terms and Conditions