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T-kash IS

  • Niaje Bundle

    Niaje bundle is an attractive voice bundle that allows customers to make FREE Telkom to Telkom calls and has a preferential rate for calls to other networks at KES 2.

    T-kash – How To Videos

    New, game-changing and designed with you in mind, T-kash Mobile Money is designed to simplify your life when making payments, and enables you to access your money on the go.

    Home Plans

    Telkom steps into the Home Segment with exciting new offers!
    Introducing home data bundle, for home users with 4G.

  • Daily 2GB Bundles

    The internet presents to us lots of opportunities. We are here to enable you access it affordably and at amazing speeds.Get ready to shake things up with the ultimate daily data plan.

    Post Paid

    Telkom Postpaid mobile service gives you the freedom to call, text and browse at affordable rates within the bundle.


    Night Owl Data Bundle is a 5GB data bundle allocation available for use between 12am and 6am every day.


Telkom Kenya Limited was Kenya’s first telecommunications provider in Kenya, and was from inception, a government owned company.

Carrier Services

Telkom Carrier Services is a division within Telkom Kenya, which is Kenya’s premier telecommunications provider that provides integrated telecommunications solutions.


Be a good pal and get your friends to join Telkom so they too can enjoy 50MB free WhatsApp, free 50MB data and free 50mins Telkom calls + 2bob per minute calls to other networks.

Swapping your SIM card to a 4G one so you can get to enjoy awesome internet is as easy as 1, 2, 3. As in, 1. Go to any Telkom shop 2. Swap your SIM card for free. 3. Get 5GB free data!

Follow your besties on Twitter and keep retweeting dope tweets with the Telkom daily 2GB bundle at 99bob by dialing *544# to subscribe.

Jibambe na Telkom -- Sign up and get ✔️ 50 free Telkom minutes ✔️ 50MB data ✔️ 50MB WhatsApp ✔️ 2 bob per minute calls to other networks Join Telkom today where #EveryBobCounts.

Looking for a good deal on a 4G phone? The Tecno F2 LTE is all that and more. Not only will it let you browse the net with #Bomba4G, it's got 8GB internal storage and up to 32GB expandable memory so you can store all your stuff. Get it at any Telkom shop.

Join Telkom today and enjoy 50 free Telkom minutes, free 50MB Whatsapp and free 50MB data plus you can call other networks at only 2bob per minute.

Sort your data needs vizuri with a bundle that will let you browse all day every day. The daily 2GB bundle comes with free WhatsApp and Telkom calls. Get it by dialing *544# to subscribe.

Life's a journey, not a race. Hello Sunday!

It's not yet too late to get a 4G enabled SIM card. Quickly get to your nearest Telkom shop & swap your SIM card for 4G one. Its free and you get 5GBs of data --

Nothing beats a good series binge. Stay up late streaming or downloading your series of choice with the #StayWoke bundle. 5GBs of data from 12am to 6am at 39bob. Subscribe by dialing *544# and become a night owl.