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  • Mzito Bundle

    Mzito Bundle

    This is a bundles that offers a monthly 7GB bundle data allocation and also 300 minutes to call to any network. The bundle also includes a 10 GB daily allocation that can be used between 12 AM and 6AM.

    Call Bila Worries

    Call ANY network for as low as 1.50 bob! ALL Network bundles are available by dialling *544#. Customers who buy any of the bundles can call ALL networks.

    T-kash – How To Videos

    New, game-changing and designed with you in mind, T-kash Mobile Money is designed to simplify your life when making payments, and enables you to access your money on the go.

  • Unlimited Home Plan

    Unlimited Home Plan

    Telkom steps into the Home Segment with exciting new offers! Introducing home data bundle, for home users with 4G.Get Homeplan unlimited monthly bundle for only Kshs 3,999.

    Data Bundles

    Data Bundles

    The internet presents to us lots of opportunities. We are here to enable you access it affordably and at amazing speeds.Get ready to shake things up with the ultimate daily data plans.


    Night Owl Data Bundle is a 5GB data bundle allocation available for use between 12am and 6am every day.


Telkom Kenya Limited was Kenya’s first telecommunications provider in Kenya, and was from inception, a government owned company.

Carrier Services

Telkom Carrier Services is a division within Telkom Kenya, which is Kenya’s premier telecommunications provider that provides integrated telecommunications solutions.


Enjoy a great night in and have a dope time jamming to the latest mixes by your fave DJs. Get 5GBs of data from 12am to 6am at 39 bob. Dial *544# and subscribe.

A Mzito knows they can have it all. Affordably. They're subscribed for 300 minutes all net calls, 7GB + 10GB data from 12am to 6am at 999 bob monthly. Get it by dialing *544# to subscribe.

Imagine winning a new Nokia 2.1 to enjoy all your fave apps -- Kezia Wambui wins herself one courtesy of #MzitoBundle with 7GB +10GB data from 12am to 6am and 300 all net minutes at 999 bob monthly. Kudos ---- ---- You too can subscribe, dial *544#

Not everyone can be called a Mzito. You have to have 7GB +10GB night data from 12am to 6am and 300 all net call minutes. Get all this for 999 bob monthly by dialing *544#

iNjuki gets to experience selfies on a whole new level courtesy of the Nokia 2.1. He wins one for being subscribed to the #MzitoBundle, kudos ---- At 999 bob monthly, you get 7GB +10GB data from 12am to 6am and 300 all net minutes. Go ahead, dial *544#

Jibambe, you know you want to. Join Telkom and get 1.5GB data, WhatsApp and Telkom minutes all for free ---- Find your nearest Telkom shop and get started

Do you know how to get extra credo when you top up 1000 bob for your #MzitoBundle -- Top up through M-Pesa Paybill number 777711 and get 20% bonus airtime. That's 200 bob brathe --

Other than when you call your crush and your credo runs out when you're in the middle of shooting your shot ---- what other awkward moments has the #MzitoBundle's 300 minutes all net calls saved you from --

Get goodies that will make your thumb stop ---- Join Telkom and get 1.5GB data, WhatsApp and Telkom minutes all at no charge for the first 30 days. Get to your nearest Telkom shop

Subscribe for the #MzitoBundle and have the best time talking with pals across networks with 300 all net minutes. You also get 7GB + 10GB data from 12am to 6am all for 999 bob monthly ---- Dial *544#.