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Mambo 99 Plus

Enjoy Mambo 99 plus

Mambo 99 Plus

This is a product which gives you Mambo 99 data and voice minutes, in addition to personal accident and accidental death cover each worth 4,000sh from Britam.
Life Bila Noma
2.5 GB
KHS 120
30 Days
100 Telkom-to-Telkom minutes
Call rate
Preferential call rate of 2sh/ minute to other networks
Accident cover worth up to 4,000sh and accidental death cover worth 4,000sh

Frequently asked questions.

Mambo 99 Plus give you everything you’ve come to love on Mambo 99 PLUS an accident insurance cover from Britam!
Mambo 99 Plus comes with 2.5GB data, 100 Telkom minutes, a preferential call rate of 2sh/ minute to other networks, and a monthly personal accident cover for up to Kes 4,000 and monthly accidental death of Kes 4,000, all valid for 30 days.
By dialing *544# and selecting Mambo 99 + under Combo Bundles.
In this case, your cover will be cumulated up to 3 times the number of times you buy the bundle. For example, if you buy the bundle 2 times, you will get 8,000sh accident cover and accidental death cover. If you buy it 3 times, 12,000sh. If you buy 4 times, also 12,000sh. The covers are capped at 3 times the bundle purchase. The bundle resources will be cumulated as many times as the bundle is purchased (rollover). The cover period is also extended based on the purchase date.
Up to Kes 4,000 per month.
Yes, there are a few exclusions. These are: pre-existing physical or mental defects, self-exposure to hazardous activities such as death from drugs/alcohol, suicide and war risks unless special arrangements are made.
The following activities are not covered: Aqualung diving, rugby, boxing, climbing and mountaineering necessitating ropes or guides, parachuting, polo, power boating, motor competitions and show jumping.
Minimum entry age is 18 years. Maximum joining age is 65 years at entry. Maximum coverage age 70 years.

You can subscribe to the home bundles using any of these options: