Freedom Friday

Freedom Friday Bundle

Offer NameFreedom Friday 5GBFreedom Friday 50GB
Validity (Days)3 ( 72 Hours)30
Price (Ksh)1001,000
Resources5 GB50 GB


  • How do I subscribe to the offers?

    • *544*0# - Select customers will have either of the bundles appear on their menu. They will be notified via SMS
    • *231# - Whitelisted SSOs /Agents / TKL Shops will have the offer appear on their menus
  • When will the offers be available?

    The offers will be available on the 2 USSD channels every Friday till the end of March’21 from 00:01 to 23:59

  • Who is eligible for the Freedom Friday Offers?

    • Newly recruited customers will be eligible for this offer and can be sold this bundle by the TKL Shops/ SSOs/Agents who will have the offer on their *231*1# menu
    • Regular existing customers will not have a menu option to subscribe for the bundles but can be subscribed to the bundles by SSOs/ Agents /TKL Shops via the *231*1# menu.
    • Targeted customers who will receive an SMS will have this offer available on their *544*0# menu
  • How do I check bundle balance?

    • *544# - My account
    • Visit

  • Can I buy another bundle before the existing bundle expires?

     Yes, you can subscribe to another bundle before the existing bundle expires. The resources will be accumulated and the validity will also extend appropriately