Telkom steps into the Home Segment with exciting new offers!
Introducing home data bundles, for home users with 4G.

What do i need?

New customer

A Telkom 4G Router – This comes bundled with;

  • 4G SIM card on the home data profile
  • FREE 10GB data valid for a month

Existing customers

  • You can choose to purchase a Simcard on the home data plan if you already have a 4G router at home
  • Existing customers on hometalk can subscribe to the new bundles ; however to experience superfast 4G internet speeds the customers’ needs to purchase a 4G router .

Product features

  • Once the data bundle allocation is exhausted, browsing will be charged  at out of bundle rate  – Ksh 2/MB
  • Unused data bundles do not roll over to the next month
  • If the customer buys another bundle before expiry of an existing bundle, the bundles will accumulate
  • Customers on home data will enjoy other services:  
    • Making calls  on net and off net – Ksh 4/- per minute
    • Sending SMS on net and off net – Ksh 1/- per SMS

How to Subscribe:

You can subscribe to the home bundles using any of these options:

  • Dial *222# if using a mobile phone
  • Visit https://myaccount.telkom.co.ke
  • Visit a Telkom retail shop or call Telkom customer care on 100
Home Plans
KSh 499
  • 3 GBs
  • 7 days validity
Home Plans
KSh 999
  • 10 GBs
  • 7 days validity
Home Plans
KSh 999
  • 6 GBs
  • 30 days validity
Home Plans
KSh 1499
  • 10 GBs
  • 30 days validity
Home Plans
KSh 1999
  • 20 GBs
  • 30 days validity
Home Plans
KSh 2,999
  • 35 GBs
  • 30 days validity
Home Plans
KSh 3,999
  • Unlimited GBs
  • 30 days validity
Home Plans
KSh 5,999
  • 100 GBs
  • 90 days of validity


  • What are home bundles?

    Home bundles are prepaid data only bundles offered in 3G & 4G Telkom network covered  areas suitable for small offices and Home environment.

  • Where is the 4G coverage?

    Telkom has 4G in the following regions:

    • Nairobi
    • Coast
    • Rift valley
    • Central
    • Western
    • Nyanza


  • What do I need to get connected

    • 4G enabled router – Ksh 9,999
    • 4G SIM card activated on a home data number
  • Where can I get connected?

    Visit the nearest Telkom shop or authorized dealer  to sign up

  • I already have an existing router with a mobile number; can I still enjoy the new bundles?

    Yes!  Visit the nearest Telkom shop to acquire a home data number

  • I already have home talk/dual service; can I still enjoy the new bundles?

    Yes!  Visit  the Telkom myAccount portal on https://myaccount.telkom.co.ke to enjoy the new home data bundles

  • Can I purchase the home data bundles using my Telkom mobile number?

    No, you will require a home data number. Please visit the nearest Telkom shop to get a new number compatible with the home data bundles

  • What bundles are available?

    Price(Ksh) GB Rate per MB Validity
    499 3GB Ksh 0.17 7
    999 10GB Ksh 0.10 7
    999 6GB Ksh 0.20 30
    1499 10GB Ksh 0.15 30
    1999 20GB Ksh 0.10 30
    2999 35GB Ksh 0.09 30
    3999 Unlimited*   30
    5999 100GB Ksh 0.06 90


  • Is the unlimited offer completely unlimited?

    The unlimited offer is governed by a fair usage policy, browsing after 50GB of data will be reduced to speeds of 1 mbps.

  • How can I top up my account?

    • You can purchase a scratch card from any retail outlets
    • You can use  M-Pesa paybill  business number 777711, Account number- your home data number
    • Online channels - http://telkomtopup.pesapal.com/
    • Through T-kash
  • How do I subscribe to the home bundles?

    Please top up your account and use any of these methods to purchase a home data bundle

    • Dial *222# from a mobile device
    • Visit https://myaccount.telkom.co.ke
    • Visit any Telkom retail shop and Mobicom Shop or call Telkom customer care on 100
  • How do I check my home data balance?

    To check your home data bundle balance, you can either

  • What happens if I subscribe to more than bundle?

    If you purchase more than one home data bundle before expiry of an existing bundle, the bundle volume will accumulate

  • What happens if I don’t exhaust my bundle before expiry?

    Any data bundles not used by date of expiry will be lost

  • What happens if I finish my home data bundle?

    Once you finish your data home bundle, you will not be able to browse until you purchase another bundle. It does not use your airtime. Please purchase another bundle to continue enjoying the discounted rates per MB.

  • Are the Home Bundles auto renewed?

    The Home bundles are not auto-renewed.

  • Can I purchase holla and XL bundles?

    Customers on the home data profile are not eligible to mobile offers and prepaid roaming

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