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Review of Telkom’s Headline Prices


Telkom continues to play its role, to provide Kenyans with quality as well as reliable products and solutions that meet and complement their communication needs.

The amendment of the Excise Duty Act 2015, through amendments to the Finance Act 2021, will lead to an increase in Excise Duty from 15% to 20%, effective July, 2021.

Having taken time to extensively deliberate on how best to address these changes, a review of our costs is inevitable. Effective July 6, 2021, our headline price for our Pay-As-You-Go Telkom-to-Telkom Voice will increase to KSh.2.78cts.

Our Pay-As-You-Go Voice for off-net calls will increase to KSh.4.30cts. The cost to send an SMS within the Telkom network and across other networks will be KSh.1.15cts.

In addition, our Pay-As-You-Go price for Mobile Data will increase to KSh.4.50cts per MB. However, both Voice and Mobile Data Bundle prices will not be affected.

Although these additional taxes have led to an increase in the cost of Voice and Data services, Telkom remains committed to deliver best value to our customers.



Chief Executive Officer,


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