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Telkom launches Kaduda 4G Phone Series

  • The Kaduda 4G phones are an upgrade to the smart feature devices in the Kaduda series;
  • The first of three devices is the T-Smart, retailing at KSh 3,100;
  •  T-Smart comes pre-loaded with applications such as Google Assistant Voice Control, Google Maps, Youtube, Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.    

Nairobi, September 8, 2020: Telkom has launched the Kaduda 4G Phone Series, the latest instalment in the Kaduda series that premiered successfully with Kaduda 1, the Kaduda Selfie and the Kaduda Smart. The Kaduda series are smart feature phones retailing at accessible price points which enable more customers to access the Internet.

The first of three devices is the T-Smart, retailing at KSh. 3,100. It runs on KaiOS Technology (KaiOS is part-owned by Google) that supports smart-phone applications like Facebook, WhatsApp and Youtube. The T-Smart will help address the growing demand for competitively-priced Internet-enabled devices. T-Smart will enable users to access the Internet via Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE.

A rise in demand for more smart devices has been occasioned by the accelerated digital transformation that is being witnessed across the globe, and which has made more peope and businesses increasingly adopt the use of automated and digitised platforms. This digital transformation is particularly important within the telecommunications sector, creating an increased demand for broadband, connectivity, and digital platforms, by individual consumers, corporates, and the public sector.

Steve Okeyo, Telkom’s Managing Director for Consumer says:

“The Kaduda 4G is a significant upgrade in the Kaduda series that will allow more of our customers to have access to additional features and applications not seen in the previous devices.”

A current Telkom subscriber who purchases the T-Smart will receive a free daily introductory bundle of 100 MB of Data to browse the Internet. They will also receive another free 100 MB of Data to access WhatsApp as well as another free 100 MB of Data to access Facebook. 100 minutes to call within the Telkom network also form part of this bundled offering, which will be renewed daily for a whole one month.

First-time subscribers to Telkom who purchase the T-Smart, and top-up their line with KSh 50 or more, will receive free 50 MB of Data to browse the Internet, another free 50 MB of Data to access WhatsApp as well as free 50 minutes of call within the Telkom network, daily, for the first 30 days. This offer will be replicated in the second month should the first-time subscriber maintain a top-up of KSh 100. The same free offer will also be extended to the subscriber’s third month on the network, if they top-up another KSh 100 or more.

The T-Smart will be available in all Telkom shops, countrywide, from Wednesday, September 9, 2020.

Mr. OKEYO adds:

“Entry-level smart-feature devices constitute about 40% of phones sold in Kenya, affirming their acceptance and popularity; due to longer-lasting batteries and the ability to pick signal faster in areas that are underserved with regard to connectivity.”

According to the Global Mobile Economy 2019 report, mobile Internet users in Africa in 2018 stood at 239 million (a penetration rate of 23%). These numbers are projected to rise to 483 million, translating to a 39% penetration rate by 2025. Overall, unique mobile subscribers on the continent are projected to rise from 456 million (in 2018) to 625 million; about half of the continent’s population, by 2025.

Last month, Telkom unveiled its new strategic focus areas that will address the current transformational dynamic as well as Telkom’s long-term objectives, as it work towards becoming a thriving integrated Telco provider, and the technology company of the future.

Telkom also restructured its business to reflect this new strategic direction, enabling it to sharpen its efficiencies, with respect to service provision and overall customer experience. This business restructuring will also enable Telkom to partner more strategically with like-minded entities, for example, in the telecommunications, technology and financial services sectors, with the end game being to become the technology partner of choice to its consumers, private and public sector clients.




About Telkom

Telkom connects the people that keeps Kenya on the move. It does this by providing integrated telecommunications solutions to individuals, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Government and large corporates in Kenya, drawing from a diverse solutions suite that includes voice, data, mobile money as well as network services. Powered by its vast fibre optic infrastructure, it is also a major provider of wholesale carrier-to-carrier traffic, within the country and the region.

Telkom is building on strong, consumer-centric ethos that is committed to providing innovative, accessible and refreshingly simple communications solutions that suit customers’ everyday communication needs.

Established as a telecommunications operator in April 1999, Telkom is 60 per cent owned by Helios Investment Partners, with the remaining stake held by Kenyans through the Government of Kenya. Telkom has 4,150 km of terrestrial fibre cabling, serving as a key conduit for broadband connectivity, inland. Telkom Kenya also owns a 23% stake in TEAMS, a 5,000km undersea fibre optic cable through Fujairah, UAE; a 10% stake in LION2 another 2,700km undersea fibre optic cable through Mauritius. It also owns a 2.6% stake in the East African Submarine System Cable and manages the National Optic Fibre Backbone, an inland fibre optic cable network running through Kenyan counties. The arrival of DARE 1 with Telkom as the landing partner further reinforces its role in the management of the National Optic Fibre Backbone.


About Telkom’s New Strategic Focus Areas

  • To better position our infrastructure asset base and services, to drive digital transformation within the Consumer, SME, Corporate and Public sectors, to enable them become smart entities;
  • To create a future smart landing hub for the majority of sub-marine cables in the region as we continue to provide connectivity to all data, entering and exiting Kenya;
  • Bridging the consumer digital divide; connecting the unconnected through the expansion of our 4G/LTE network, as well as through cutting-edge technologies such as Loon;
  • Up-skilling our employees to be future-fit, to serve the evolving needs of our customers.


Telkom’s New Service Delivery Units

Previous Service Delivery Unit New Service Delivery Unit
Mobile Telkom Consumer
Enterprise Telkom Digital
Carrier Wholesale & Cloud

(Part of Telkom Digital)


Focus Areas for Service Delivery Units

Telkom Consumer will focus on the following:

  • Data:  Investing in innovative technologies that will enable faster scaling of our network and services, realising better customer experience;
  • Financial Services:  Telkom is enhancing its financial services offering, to be reflective of current customer demands, with respect to increased security, simplicity, availability and reliability;
  • Partnerships: We are working with developers and other technology solution entities (bringing faster and affordable technology to the end-user) to deploy services and solutions that will address current and future consumer needs/ trends;
  • Digitisation of products and customer service channels, to simplify the customer journey.


Telkom Digital will focus on innovative approaches to create more value for Telkom’s customers:

  • Making use of our extensive fibre network, we will drive digital transformation by enabling public and private sector players to become smart entities, by way of technologies such as Internet of Things (IoTs), Cloud, Big Data and Analytics;
  • Increasing our product and solution portfolio, as we walk the digitisation journey with our customers, providing solution design, hosting and managed services, as well as other strategic post-implementation support and operational services;
  • These advantages will enable more flexibility for guaranteed uptime, higher service levels, and therefore more value for our customers;
  • Telkom will incubate its future cloud business, with the aim of providing a carrier neutral experience.


Please visit to get to know more about Telkom.



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Follow Telkom on Twitter: @TelkomKenya

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