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Telkom’s response to the consent judgment by the parties on the matter of Mobile and Fixed Termination Rates at the Communications and Multimedia Appeals Tribunal

Nairobi, August 5, 2022: Telkom welcomes the progress made on the matter that was brought before the Communications and Multimedia Appeals Tribunal (CAMAT), as a result of the Communications Authority’s proposed review of the Mobile Termination Rates (MTRs) and Fixed Termination Rates (FTRs).

The Communications Authority (CA) had directed that these rates be reduced from KSh. 0.99 to KSh. 0.12, effective January 1, 2022. The review was a progressive and timely step towards making voice services more affordable and accessible to Kenyans.

However, the CA’s directive was taken before the CAMAT in December, 2021.

In the interest of time and to avoid a protracted court process that would rob consumers of the imminent benefits of reduced MTRs and FTRs, Telkom and the other parties agreed to settle the matter out of court, and recorded a consent judgment at the CAMAT. The MTRs and FTRs will be reduced from KSh. 0.99 to KSh. 0.58. This will be a revised interim rate that the CA will bring into effect for a period of 12 months starting August 1, 2022. Telkom welcomes this consent judgment as it will have positive outcomes for the customer. Today’s customer demands more competitive and comprehensive products that address their different and ever-changing needs.

Telkom is also in full support of the ongoing Network Cost Study that has been commissioned by the CA, whose conclusion should lead to the swift implementation of new MTRs and FTRs.

At Telkom, we hold firm the conviction that access to Mobile Voice and Data services is a fundamental human right. We will continue to develop new and competitively priced products and solutions such as Madaraka Life and the Changa Bundle in response to these customer dynamics and remain positive that there will be a further downward review of the MTRs and FTRs resulting in even more benefit to the customer.



Telkom is a technology company that provides integrated solutions to individuals, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), Government and large corporates in Kenya, drawing from a diverse solutions suite that includes voice, data/connectivity, digital financial services, as well as network services. Powered by its vast fibre optic infrastructure, it is also a major provider of wholesale carrier-to-carrier traffic, within the country and the region.

These services are primarily offered through our Service Delivery Units: Digital (that offers: Data Centre Services, Cloud, Managed Services, Connectivity, Broadband, Carrier-to-Carrier traffic, and Backbone Infrastructure); Consumer (that offers: Data, Voice, VAS, and Content) and Digital Financial Services (through our platform T-kash).

Telkom is also building on strong, consumer-centric ethos and is committed to providing innovative, accessible and refreshingly simple communications solutions that suit customers’ everyday communication needs.

Established as a telecommunications operator in April 1999, Telkom is 60 per cent owned by Helios Investment Partners, with the remaining stake held by Kenyans through the Government of Kenya. Telkom has 4,152 km of its own terrestrial fibre cabling, serving as a key conduit for broadband connectivity, inland. Telkom Kenya also owns a 22.5% stake in TEAMS, a 5,000km undersea fibre optic cable through Fujairah, UAE, and a 10% stake in LION2, another 2,700km undersea fibre optic cable through Mauritius. It also owns a stake in the East African Submarine System Cable (EASSy) and manages the National Optic Fibre Backbone Infrastructure (NOFBI), on behalf of the Ministry of ICT, an inland fibre optic cable network running through Kenyan counties. Telkom is also the landing partner for the LION2, EASSy, DARE 1 and lately, the PEACE Cables.

Please visit to get to know more about Telkom.

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