Business Internet

Business Internet 

A good internet connection means there's a greater capacity to send and receive data. This allows you to access the Internet, and other critical ERPs more effectively, download files faster, send and receive emails quicker thus increasing your productivity.


Plans SpeedsMonthly Charge (Ksh)
Business Internet Superlite2 Mbps3,499.00
Business Internet Lite4 Mbps5,499.00
Business Internet Standard10 Mbps8,499.00
Business Internet Pro15 Mbps13, 499.00


Note : Installation fee of Ksh 8, 120 applies for all the above plans.

Features and Benefits

High speed internet access (up to 15 Mbps) for web browsing and emails, e-Commerce, video conferencing and e-learning

Data security and after sales support with dedicated customer care

No restrictions on peak or off-peak times.


Cost efficient with no hidden charges

Reliable connections supported by our vast terrestrial infrastructure

Flexibility and ease of upgrade

Nationwide availability through our national meshed network topology with multiple redundant paths to the internet gateway

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