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Hosted Contact Centre

Hosted Contact Centre


For every call waiting…

Hosted Contact Centre

A digital centralized telephone call management system for handling large volumes of inbound and outbound calls with inbuilt statistical call reporting
Features & Benefits

Informed business decisions

Enhanced call analysis through cradle to grave reports from the reporting tools

Improved customer experience

Faster turnaround time in resolving customer issues

Set up your Contact centre on a network that works with you.

Visit your nearest Telkom shop or email us on to get started.

Frequently asked questions.

10 minute, 33 minute and 66 minute bundles are valid for 30 days while the 333 minute bundle is valid for 45 days.

Yes, you can subscribe to the same bundle, a lower or higher bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle. When you buy any bundle before the expiry of your existing bundle, the minutes resources will accumulate.

Yes, you earn ziada points on the cost of the bundle.

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