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Voice Solutions

Voice Solutions

Running your business
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Voice Solutions

We offer a full range of routing and termination solutions for international voice traffic to enable you to respond to growing demands and heavier traffic. Our multiple destinations and bundle offers enable you to control and optimize your costs.

We give you a choice of solutions that adapt the quality/price ratio. In accordance with the needs of each destination.

We provide you with worldwide voice traffic termination towards many destinations, you will benefit from large interconnections and flexible business agreements.

A dedicated customer support available 24/7/365.

Our Voice Solutions


Our service provides you with international voice traffic termination. You may use our service either to convey your traffic to destinations to which you do not have a direct route, where you lack capacity or to optimize the cost/quality factors according to your needs

Transit services

We offer transit services to over 30 destinations where we have carrier grade direct routes at very competitive rates.

A2P Messaging

With the growing need of sending mobile messages from applications to mobile users, Our A2P solution is the future of SMS with the new possibilities. With Telkom’s large customer base, whatever your needs are, let us offer you security, safety and speed in our solutions.

Call collect

We offer Call collect service as a post-paid service based on the PSTN/ISDN technology. We offer this service to international companies whose customers are locally based in Kenya. The Kenyan customers get dedicated customer support from the company’s international call centers based out of the country on the products and services that the companies offer in the country. The international companies are provided with local Kenyan numbers, to allow their customers to call their international call centers at local rates.

Kenya terminating

Our termination to Kenya is unparalleled with good quality service within Telkom network and to all Kenya operators

Frequently asked questions.

Through your Telkom Kenya Account Manager.

The portal is a web application accessible on any web browser.

Yes, one is able to define customized limit notifications/ alerts allowing the SIM to receive an email or SMS notifying them that the set limit has been reached. E.g 50%, 75% and 90%.

Mobility profiles are defined and customized by the customer thereby raising an alert when the SIM user has consumed the allocated allowable resources. 

The platform has multiple level access allowing different users to have different views based on their business needs.  

Through bulk or individual SIM administration, the portal allows customers to add, remove or edit SIM allocations through People Directory

The customer will have visibility of all consumption costs and traffic down to an individual SIM which will assist them in identifying any potential abuse of services

Yes, the customer has the capability to customize and define data allocation within a Mobility Profile which then can be associated to a single or multiple SIMs on an APN.

The Report library within the portal allows users to predefine reports including the schedule of reporting 

The portal provides detailed reports from granular SIM reports to analytical reports that show total spend over a set period of time.

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