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Data centre

Data centre

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Data centre

Our data centers are strategically located in Nairobi and Mombasa. The Nairobi Data Center is located at Milimani Exchange on Bishop Road, adjacent to NSSF Building Nairobi, Kenya. The Mombasa Data Center is located at Mombasa Telephone House. Our Data Centers are designed to meet your current and future needs by helping you centralise your IT operations and equipment.

Open Access:

The data center is an open access facility capable of hosting any telecom infrastructure, local and international clients, at the site.


The data centers have 3 diverse fiber routes serving the site to ensure service uptime through redundancy.


2 factor authentication (fingerprint and card), gate boom barrier, turnstiles and CCTV's covering both the outside and inside colocation rooms.


The site is accessible and manned 24*7*365.

White space:

Space to accommodate 100 + racks of up to 52U rack height with adjustments on the floor footprint possible. The facility has its door height clearance at 2.7 meters and a raised floor to false ceiling height of 3 meters.


(N+1) cooling setup per room with moisture and temperature control set to international standards.

Power density:

4Kw dual input power per rack design with flexibility for more power demand. AC and DC load support with Main Power and Dual Backup of Standby Genets and Modular UPS A and B Batteries, for utmost redundancy for mission critical services.

Why Choose Us

Frequently asked questions.

Through your Telkom Kenya Account Manager.

The portal is a web application accessible on any web browser.

Yes, one is able to define customized limit notifications/ alerts allowing the SIM to receive an email or SMS notifying them that the set limit has been reached. E.g 50%, 75% and 90%.

Mobility profiles are defined and customized by the customer thereby raising an alert when the SIM user has consumed the allocated allowable resources. 

The platform has multiple level access allowing different users to have different views based on their business needs.  

Through bulk or individual SIM administration, the portal allows customers to add, remove or edit SIM allocations through People Directory

The customer will have visibility of all consumption costs and traffic down to an individual SIM which will assist them in identifying any potential abuse of services

Yes, the customer has the capability to customize and define data allocation within a Mobility Profile which then can be associated to a single or multiple SIMs on an APN.

The Report library within the portal allows users to predefine reports including the schedule of reporting 

The portal provides detailed reports from granular SIM reports to analytical reports that show total spend over a set period of time.

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