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Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Switch to Cloud storage.

Telkom Cloud Virtual Machines

Telkom cloud Virtual Machines offers essential compute, storage, and networking resources on demand, on a monthly basis.


Per instance subscription, and with flexible contract terms with Telkom


Customisable components to suite your business needs


Accelerates time to market, allows you to accommodate expected / unexpected business peaks. This allows for faster turnaround times for customers looking to quick deployment

Enterprise Security

The solution is built within Telkom’s public cloud infrastructure that is secured with carrier grade firewall.

Features & Benefits

Frequently asked questions.

  • This a computer system created using software on one physical computer in order to emulate the functionality of another separate physical computer.

The pricing is based on the exact core, memory and storage requirements of your VM and hence there is no standard pricing.

  • Please get in touch with either a sales or a customer care representative through our official contact channels to receive a quote based on your VM requirements and payment options.
From the time an order has been successfully processed, implementation should take utmost 2 business days.
  • Your standard KYC documentation including your company, your business registration documents, copy of your latest tax documentation.
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