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Biashara Talk

Biashara Talk

Go wireless on your landline

Biashara Talk

This is a fixed wireless solution that provides a landline-like service over a wireless link with a landline number. This solution suites your business if you are looking to re-connect to a landline service or you would like a landline number that defines your physical location (Nairobi, Kisumu, Mombasa), or if you want a landline number identity to exhibit professionalism
Features & Benefits

Frequently asked questions.

Features of the services are similar with the exception of how the services are deployed. Biashara talk is wireless i.e. it rides on wireless technology- GSM while the landlines are deployed using wires i.e. copper or fiber.

Biashara Talk is Bundled based service with monthly offers that range from as low as KES 1,000 to KES 20,000 that caters to all needs. With very attractive rates that have been reduced by up to 75% from the old fixed rates. (link to tariff table).

You can make local and international calls; send local and international SMS and browse with your monthly bundle.

Your line is then converted to pre-paid where you are required to top-up to continue enjoying services at the same in-bundle rates.

Existing customers who are experiencing regular downtimes with their current landline due to cable cuts or such like issues and customers who would like to reactivate their old landline business numbers.

To check account and bundle balance for your account, dial *222# , select option 3 “manage my account”

Being a fixed service, Biashara Talk is geographically zoned, when moving to another region, visit any Telkom shop and give your new location, the shop agents will provide a number for your new location, similar to the current number.

Yes, the service can be used with multiple lines by using a GSM router (Flybox) which is then connected to the switchboard

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