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Data/ backbone

Data/ backbone

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Data/ backbone

Based on our global seamless network backbone, our offering includes a wide range of connection options through proprietary PoPs, internet exchanges, and local loops, as well as satellite and submarine transmission facilities we deliver a full portfolio of secure, value-added internet services to stand out from the crowd and seize market opportunities with customized bandwidth solutions.
Our Data Solutions

IP Transit Capacity

The world of business has changed. A business cannot transact without basic internet connection. We provide high speed internet that is customised to meet specific customer needs. Through our access to local CDNs and KIXP; you get the best value for your connection with your customers, partners and employees. The service is available either as IP Transit (IPT) or Direct Internet Access (DIA)

Metro Cities Connectivity

We provide point-to-point connectivity over SDH/Sonet or Ethernet through a highly resilient terrestrial fiber metro infrastructure. The Fiber metros, in major towns around key carrier routes, have been designed in preparation of the increasing data uptake from the high penetration of mobile services and consumption of video content. The routes have a triple redundancy network to ensure minimal disruption in a city with several ongoing infrastructure projects

Domestic and Regional Backbone Connectivity

Our fiber backbone infrastructure links the Kenyan Borders, from Mombasa to Malaba with an extension to Tororo; a distance of 1,000kms. The backbone infrastructure has a design capacity of 10Tbps and is highly scalable to meet the growing capacity demands. The route has triple redundancy on underground and overheard routes to ensure service availability.

International / Submarine Connectivity

We have partnered with major international carriers to provide end-to-end connectivity in all the East african countries.

Why Choose Us

ISP-in-a-box service:

Customisable solutions to allow you to optimise and manage extra traffic & bandwidth management via limited hops to ensure quality and cost effectiveness. The service allows you to provide traffic shaping and management services to your end customers and set QoS policy to improve customer experience

Global Connectivity:

We offer a wide range of worldwide connection options in internet exchange and local loops. Our capacity network integrates terrestrial, submarine and satellite systems to create a global mesh of connectivity


Dedicated service to ensure continuity and connectivity of your business processes

Access types:

SDH, Ethernet and LAN-PHY

High SLA's:

Redundant network available on the both the metro and backbone infrastructure


Monitoring and 24x7x365 technical support.

Frequently asked questions.

Through your Telkom Kenya Account Manager.

The portal is a web application accessible on any web browser.

Yes, one is able to define customized limit notifications/ alerts allowing the SIM to receive an email or SMS notifying them that the set limit has been reached. E.g 50%, 75% and 90%.

Mobility profiles are defined and customized by the customer thereby raising an alert when the SIM user has consumed the allocated allowable resources. 

The platform has multiple level access allowing different users to have different views based on their business needs.  

Through bulk or individual SIM administration, the portal allows customers to add, remove or edit SIM allocations through People Directory

The customer will have visibility of all consumption costs and traffic down to an individual SIM which will assist them in identifying any potential abuse of services

Yes, the customer has the capability to customize and define data allocation within a Mobility Profile which then can be associated to a single or multiple SIMs on an APN.

The Report library within the portal allows users to predefine reports including the schedule of reporting 

The portal provides detailed reports from granular SIM reports to analytical reports that show total spend over a set period of time.

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