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Data Solutions

Data Solutions

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Data Solutions

Based on our global seamless network backbone, our offering includes a wide range of connection options through proprietary PoPs, internet exchanges, and local loops, as well as satellite and submarine transmission facilities we deliver a full portfolio of secure, value-added internet services to stand out from the crowd and seize market opportunities with customized bandwidth solutions.
Our Data Solutions

Cross Connect Services

We offer terrestrial backhaul and due to our unique position, we are able to cross-connect services between all submarine cables that serve East Africa

Infrastructure Sharing

We have a well spread terrestrial reach and we are open to infrastructure sharing or swapping at very competitive terms to enable quick deployment of services in Kenya.


Our backhaul network provides a backbone network to any ISP linking one point of presence to another over a large geographical location. Our backbone infrastructure is provided on a highly resilient network through multiple inland cables to provide necessary protection, linking the Kenyan borders. We also have extensive city by city fiber metros and over 300 buildings connected on fiber.


(National Optic Fibre Backbone infrastructure) Through NOFBI we provide last mile access to rural Kenya its available to existing or budding ISP’s and content providers both local and international. It covers all 47 counties; it is owned by the Kenyan Government and managed by Telkom.

Point to Point

Our data solutions provide a point-to-point transmission service over SDH/Sonet or WDM or Ethernet regardless of the geographical locations, starting points and traffic type for carriers and content providers. We provide our customers with a connection to our core network enabling them to serve their end customers.

International Private Leased Circuits

We have partnered with major international carriers to provide end-to-end connectivity in all countries

All our data solutions are available through the following contract durations;

IRU Capacity

(Indefeasible Rights Of Use) We offer our clients long term contracts to provide high volume capacities with an agreement to manage the leased lines at an agreed operations and management fee per period.

Leased Capacity

We lease out capacity in our backbone network to clients with a service level agreement in place

Frequently asked questions.

Through your Telkom Kenya Account Manager.

The portal is a web application accessible on any web browser.

Yes, one is able to define customized limit notifications/ alerts allowing the SIM to receive an email or SMS notifying them that the set limit has been reached. E.g 50%, 75% and 90%.

Mobility profiles are defined and customized by the customer thereby raising an alert when the SIM user has consumed the allocated allowable resources. 

The platform has multiple level access allowing different users to have different views based on their business needs.  

Through bulk or individual SIM administration, the portal allows customers to add, remove or edit SIM allocations through People Directory

The customer will have visibility of all consumption costs and traffic down to an individual SIM which will assist them in identifying any potential abuse of services

Yes, the customer has the capability to customize and define data allocation within a Mobility Profile which then can be associated to a single or multiple SIMs on an APN.

The Report library within the portal allows users to predefine reports including the schedule of reporting 

The portal provides detailed reports from granular SIM reports to analytical reports that show total spend over a set period of time.

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